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We were preparing our old home to place on the market. We needed drywall repairs, painting, countertops spruced up, and even some wood work done. WTA Contractors was the first one I thought of. They came in and took care of all the areas that needed repair and/or touching up. They even fixed/touched up things that we didn't even notice. Thanks again for all of your hard work and creative vision.

Reginald Crews CEO of Squares and Buttons

When we purchased a relatively new home we thought we wouldn’t have to deal with some of the pitfalls that come with homeownership. But with this house we’ve had to deal with everything including the kitchen sink. Luckily for that last one we found WTA Contractors through word of mouth. Our kitchen sink, which is undermounted to our granite countertops, lost it’s seal and started to completely fall leaving all of its weight reliant on our plumbing. It’s no fun living without a kitchen sink. WTA fixed it for us ASAP even coming out on a Sunday and we never had to lift a finger which is such a blessing with our busy lives. I highly recommend them if you want it done quickly AND correctly.

Michelle St.Peter Hollywood Feed

After trying to get assistance for 3 days with several no shows, WTA reached out to me because they read the desperation in my post asking for help. Despite my needed service being something they no longer offer, Tamera was very nice and eager to assist! I needed a house call that night….at 9pm and they showed up and was able to trouble shoot and diagnose the problem. They also went above and beyond, purchased the needed product that evening and replaced what I needed replaced. Very professional, dependable and reliable! I highly recommended WTA Contractors!

Jamila Jem Callwood Phenomenal Tees, LLC.


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